AD – Korean Wedding at Mirage Banquet Hall

We started with An & Damien off with a beautiful Edmonton Cherry Blossom Session back in spring, and now this full day Korean / Chinese wedding with a Same Day Video Edit in the evening.

The wedding took place in Mirage Banquet Hall, This wedding involved me (Jonny) & Katie taking on the film aspect of the wedding, and Gloria & Ply taking on the photography aspect of big Day. The word “action packed” is an understatement!

Now shooting Chinese ethnic weddings we have done so often, but with Korean culture added into it just makes this day that much more enjoyable! The traditional pyebaek ceremony, which involves parents throwing chestnuts at the couple, and the couple working collaboratively catching them was something totally new to me.

A huge thank you to our lovely couple who trusted us climbing trees and contributing in so many aspects of the wedding.

Just remember... The cake gets eaten, the flowers will die, but the wedding photos will last forever...

Jonny Ch

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