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Beautiful Fireworks displays in Edmonton under the beautiful city scape at northlands during KDays festival

Edmonton K-Days Engagement Photography Session

This is the last session i'll post on engagement sessions at KDays in Edmonton!  This couple has got to be my favourite couple of all times. They're sweet and very calm, which gave me lots of time to check my photos and discuss with them during the shoot. They were also super fun and took all my silly ideas to a whole new level! We played and  It was extremely easy to pose them and we had loads of time to work on new ideas and perfect an already...

A couple posed in front of a spinning merry go round carousel

Merry Go Around Carnival Themed Engagement Photoshoot

So K-Days have began and I have since made lots of plans to shoot a whole lot of things that I envisioned. The day before I worked with a girl and my assistant while planning my route for the couples scheduled to shoot this week. It was seriously a whole lot of work! The crowd and noise was definitely a major issue I had to overcome for my client. I tested this shot in the Merry-Go-Around many times on my own before going for this final product. This...


Carnival Themed Stylized Fashion Shoot at KDays Edmonton

Carnival Themed Stylized Fashion Shoot at KDays Edmonton I have been looking forward to shooting at the Calgary Stampede since last yearsince the photo I took of my friends at the faris wheel became viral on Facebook. Unfortunately I couldn't make it to Calgary in time. So I returned to KDays for this legit photography session fully prepared!  I met up with the lovely Kailyn for this session and plan on doing a full coverage of KDays on different rides. We spent a lot of time exchanging ideas and ended...