Engagement Session at Banff and Calgary Area

Traveling to Banff and Calgary for these engagement photos! Remember my long time best friend who pulled off a surprise engagement proposal at the Muttart earlier this year? Yes, these two love birds stand in front of my lens again for a formal engagement session this time with a little camping trip on the side! Unfortunately the whether that week changes extremely fast, and rained like crazy! We got to take a few while the rain gave us a break, but I decided to do one more in the heart of downtown Calgary later on in fall, and the result were amazing!

Calgary Fine Art Photographer Urban Landscape-000

Calgary Fine Art Photographer Urban Landscape-001

A couple hiding from the rain at a staircase in Johnston Canyon in the Banff National Park.

The couple hiding from the rain at a staircase in Johnston Canyon in the Banff National Park. Here I was seriously out of ideas, so I took off my jacket and explained my idea before we ran back into the car.  This session was seriously so much fun! I definitely think photographing engagement sessions in Banff has its challenge. It’s almost impossible to know exactly which spot you want to bring your subject to, and you won’t be able to

Calgary Fine Art Photographer Urban Landscape-003When it came to fall time, they were very excited to see this city where I relocated in for work. I’m obvious excited to have them try out all the spots I have been eyeing for. Photographing the fall scene by the Calgary Peace Bridge, and photographing this engagement photo at the peace bridge were just some of the obvious choices. But wait a minute, what about all the beautiful sky scrapers and urban landscape that Calgary holds? Yes, we went to a little secret spot and found ourselves at the middle section of a giant building with some beautiful reflections.
Calgary Fine Art Photographer Urban Landscape-002

This whole session all revolved around downtown area, and so I decided to end the day with a little coffee break and buffet for my hungry tummy. When we had the coffee, I seriously could not help but to look at the a way to shoot more photos in the beautiful coffee shopping. So I grabbed a seat with very little customers and snuck a photo or two with them. These two seriously rocked it!!


A couple running down the Banff forest in the summer near Calgary Canada
A couple running down the Banff forest in the summer near Calgary, Canada.

YYC Calgary Engagement Photography Urban Cityscape Wedding-_0007 YYC Calgary Engagement Photography Urban Cityscape Wedding- wall YYC Calgary Engagement Photography Urban Cityscape Wedding-_0003

Couple enjoying a cup of coffee at Rosso Coffee House
Couple enjoying a cup of coffee at Rosso Coffee House

Calgary Engagement Photoshoot downtown core yyc wedding-001 Calgary Engagement Photoshoot downtown core yyc wedding-000 YYC Calgary Engagement Photography Urban Cityscape Wedding-_0005

A couple being photographed at the peace bridge in Calgary YYC Canada

banff johnston canyon wedding photography-002 banff johnston canyon wedding photography-001

A couple kissing on a bridge at a Banff forest in the summer near Calgary, Canada.
A couple kissing on a bridge at a Banff forest in the summer near Calgary, Canada.
A couple running down the Banff forest in the summer near Calgary, Canada.
A couple running down the Banff forest in the summer near Calgary, Canada.

Banff Johnston Canyon Creek Trail and Two Jack Lake

The whole camping trip was actually spent without much planning. After having brunch we knew we had to at least get fishing licenses for those who wanted to fish. A group of us went off to two jack lake to look for fishing spots while the other group went to Banff to get the license. Once everyone settled down, a bunch of us decided to check out other places since we weren’t planning to fish.

I visited Johnston Canyon last year and had some great memories there in the midst of the great Alberta flood. The view is totally worth another visit and this time I wanted to visit the long trail instead of the quick half an hour lower falls. Surprisingly a bunch of us were up for the idea so we quickly drove there from Two Jack Lake in hopes of finishing the walk right around sunset.

You can check out my last trip to Johnston Canyon, perhaps you will see how my photos have evolved in style with my landscapes =)
Johnston Canyon Creek Trail-Banff Canada-Alberta119 Johnston Canyon Creek Trail-Banff Canada-Alberta120 Johnston Canyon Creek Trail-Banff Canada-Alberta121 Johnston Canyon Creek Trail-Banff Canada-Alberta122 Johnston Canyon Creek Trail-Banff Canada-Alberta123 Johnston Canyon Creek Trail-Banff Canada-Alberta124 Johnston Canyon Creek Trail-Banff Canada-Alberta125 Johnston Canyon Creek Trail-Banff Canada-Alberta126 Johnston Canyon Creek Trail-Banff Canada-Alberta127 2014-09-06_0018

With my days shooting with my D7000 and D5100 bodies, I find it to be an advantage to shoot with crop frame bodies. Mainly because it’s cheaper and lighter especially on hikes like this. Taking stars would make me wish I had something with even better ISO performance such as a Nikon D3s though… Perhaps one day I could rent!
Johnston Canyon Creek-Banff Canada-Alberta019 Johnston Canyon Creek-Banff Canada-Alberta038 Johnston Canyon Creek-Banff Canada-Alberta047 Johnston Canyon Creek-Banff Canada-Alberta014
Johnston Canyon Creek-Banff Canada-Alberta025 Johnston Canyon Creek-Banff Canada-Alberta062 Johnston Canyon Creek-Banff Canada-Alberta086 DSC_1843_pano Johnston Canyon Creek-Banff Canada-Alberta009 Johnston Canyon Creek-Banff Canada-Alberta011_pano Johnston Canyon Creek-Banff Canada-Alberta016 Johnston Canyon Creek-Banff Canada-Alberta044 Johnston Canyon Creek-Banff Canada-Alberta054 Johnston Canyon Creek-Banff Canada-Alberta057 Johnston Canyon Creek-Banff Canada-Alberta061 Johnston Canyon Creek-Banff Canada-Alberta065 Johnston Canyon Creek-Banff Canada-Alberta098 Johnston Canyon Creek-Banff Canada-Alberta105 Johnston Canyon Creek-Banff Canada-Alberta106 Johnston Canyon Creek-Banff Canada-Alberta128

Banff Tunnel Mountain

Traveling down from Edmonton to Banff in a group of 8 in hope to get away and do some hiking, fishing, and great camping experience. We booked our camp site with the Alberta camping reservation system online. At first we wanted to be close to two jack lake, but all their sites were already booked, so we went with the neighbouring camp site at Tunnel Mountain Village II. They have very well facilitated washrooms and sink area for us to wash things and take showers, which was good for some of us who were first time campers.

The Tunnel Mountain Village is extremely near Banff town and we are literally camping in the middle of all the trees and serenity of Banff. We arrived really late and thanks to all the flashlights we have, we were able to build our tents and set up while setting up a fire, as the temperature was dropping down to 5-8 degrees! The whether forecast promised us that it was going to rain throughout the weekend starting tomorrow morning. After setting up our tents around 10, we only had an hour before quiet time, and actually had rangers visit us and warned us of to put our the fire earlier… Anyway, we spent the night playing cards and staying awake, knowing that the next day may be spent in the rain.




Having had about 5 hours of sleep, I woke up and noticed that there was no rain and it doesn’t look like it’ll rain for another couple of hours! So i set on a solo trip down Tunnel Mountain for a hike while everyone was still asleep. I quickly stuffed a slice of bread down my mouth and looked at the map for the entrance to the trail. You can choose to skip a part of the trail and park at the upper parking lot. I’ll provide a map to the trail later on and where you could park.

Although it’s not raining, the fog was definitely giving me some pretty unique environment to hike in! By the time I got here (8:30am) many early birds have already began their hikes.
banff tunnel mountain trail

2014-09-06_0005 tunnel mountain trail canada hiking trails tunnel mountain top tunnel mountain view pika

Does anyone know if this is a pika or a squirrel? banff tunnel mountain trail banff mountain scenery canada rocky mountain viewrocky mountain view trip advisor banff tunnel mountain2014-09-06_0002

I took many stops and really took my time. My friends have already eaten lunch by the time I came back. Just then, a male and female deer appeared at our camp site! This makes for the second animal encounter I had haha!

A campsite in Tunnel Mountain Banff
Tunnel Mountain Village Campsites


A collage of a deer sighting in a camp site at banff






Please stay tune for my second post on my trip to Banff at Two Jake Lake and Johnston Canyon! Meanwhile, feel free to check out some highlights and larger format photos of my Tunnel Mountain Hike, I hope this will be useful for future hikers and campers alike going to Banff National Park in Canada. =)  Chao~
Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta005 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta052 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta076 Tunnel Mountain Village II-Banff Canada-Alberta113 Tunnel Mountain Village II-Banff Canada-Alberta114 Tunnel Mountain Village II-Banff Canada-Alberta118 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta003 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta007 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta023 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta034 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta055 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta056 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta074
Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta083 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta089 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta002 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta015 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta017 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta029 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta031 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta033 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta035 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta040 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta041 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta045 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta046 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta063 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta071 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta073 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta079

Cave and Basin National Historic Site

Found a little friend in the bush at #CaveAndBasin #Historic site. Actually I didn’t, some guy ran up to me and told me to take a picture of him lol — at Cave and Basin National Historic Site.


Panorama_Cave and Basin National Historic Site

Two Jack Lake Banff Canada Trees

Portrait of me wahahah

Check out what’s near Banff! See my next page at my trip to Kootenay.  http://missingpiecestudio.com/trail-hike-continental-divide-banff-kooteney-bc-alberta/

Kooteney Squirrel 2

Hike Continental Divide Banff National Park of Alberta and Kooteney National Park of British Columbia

Kooteney BC
Kooteney Banff Trail National Park_070

Kooteney Banff Trail National Park_panorama trail

Kooteney Banff Trail National Park_071

Kooteney Banff Trail National Park_

Kooteney Banff Trail National Park_sunshine

Kooteney Banff Trail National Park_hdr Panorama1_FB


Kooteney Banff Trail National Park_069

Kooteney Banff Trail National Park_068

Kooteney Banff Trail National Park_067

Kooteney Banff Trail National Park_066

Kooteney Banff Trail National Park_065

Kooteney Banff Trail National Park_059

Kooteney Banff Trail National Park_058

Kooteney Banff Trail National Park_060

Kooteney Banff Trail National Park_061

Kooteney Banff Trail National Park_063

Kooteney Banff Trail National Park_062

Kooteney Banff Trail National Park_064

Kooteney Banff Trail National Park_flower burn

Kooteney Banff Trail National Park_hdr
The sign reads “Continental Divide Altitude 5382ET Above Sea Level”  Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean, Banff National Park of Alberta and Kooteney National Park of British Columbia

Bird Kooteney Anyone know what kind of bird this is?

Civic Highway Road Camping Journey road back home For more of my journey, you can see my flickr page.