Portrait Session around University Area in Edmonton I mpStudio

Another portrait photography day in Edmonton! So Iris and I have been friends for quite some time now, and we would have dinner talks periodically to catch up, but today I’ve decided to talk her into a photo session. *Evil laughter* Iris has always been a pretty chill person so I already knew she would agree to be in my photos. I’m practicing for an upcoming wedding gig, so finding anyone with no modeling experience would obviously be a no brainer right?  Iris got off work and was dressed in business casual attire, so I needed something with a tint of city living right?  I was so glad I chose this location as it was an area with an urban vibe. It’s just outside of the University of Alberta at Saskatchewan Dr overlooking the main building in the city like the Legislature building and the huge red Canada place. There were quite a bit of people but the sun was just setting and we totally engaged to your subject who happens to be your friend certainly did the trick! No vibe was killed In the scene and we enjoyed our session. Iris definitely rocked that location like it was her stage!

Lugging around a tripod, flashes, and gears during these past few weeks meant nothing, but the patience of sitting through tutorial videos and sleepless nights on the computer trying to find the fastest and cleanest way to edit and organize photo definitely requires a few glass of wine! Stay tune for more to come!

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Traveling to Mongkok, Hong Kong

Alright, back to photos from the trip! This is the place everyone would go more then once while staying in Hong Kong. The street vendor filled lui yun street, the awesome malls, the trendiest clothes, food, and camera stores! To summarize Mongkok in a nutshell, is almost as hard as describing Hong Kong to someone. To me, Mongkok is the definition of street, trend, and crowded ghetto of Hong Kong. What’s your definition of it?


Mongkok Street Photography collage Hong Kong Sham Shui po Dragon Centremotorcycle parkade_130 Hong Kong Sham Shui po Dragon Centremotorcycle parkade_129 HONG KONG MK MONGKOK _vendor shelter green HONG KONG MK MONGKOK _green shelter HONG KONG MK MONGKOK _114 HONG KONG MK MONGKOK _118 HONG KONG MK MONGKOK _121 HONG KONG MK MONGKOK _120 HONG KONG MK MONGKOK _119 HONG KONG MK MONGKOK _111 HONG KONG MK MONGKOK _109 HONG KONG MK MONGKOK _110 HONG KONG MK MONGKOK  chinese insturment

Tin Hau Hong Kong

A friend of mine told me to try out a “dai pai dong” open-air food stall located in tin hau. I have always walked by that place but never really went inside. What you see is lots of garage and auto shops, with an exception of a few grocery stores and a lot of neat little restaurants. The street is definitely not crowded like that of Mongkok or Causeway Bay. That alone was an open invitation for me to slow down my walk to enjoy the authentic streets of Hong Kong. The birds who seek refuge in roofs and strange places between building, the walls, and a taste of the famous street food.

Dai pai dong is a type of open-air food stall once very popular in Hong Kong. The government registration name in Hong Kong is “cooked-food stalls”, but dai pai dong literally means “restaurant with a big license plate”, referring to its size of license which is bigger than other licensed street vendors.


A place that many has gain a name in Hong Kong is the shun hing dai pai dong, located in tin hau. I had a taste of their signature egg and bbq pork rice and cart noodle(guess what toppings I had?) Don’t scroll down for the answers yet!  滑蛋叉燒飯 & 車仔撈麵. Thank you again for bringing me here!


Hong kong tin hau collage Hong Kong Tin Hau_108 Hong Kong Tin Hau_107 Hong Kong Tin Hau_106 Hong Kong Tin Hau_105 Hong Kong Tin Hau_104 Hong Kong Tin Hau_103 Hong Kong Tin Hau_102 Hong Kong Tin Hau_101 Hong Kong Tin Hau_100 Hong Kong Tin Hau_099 Hong Kong Tin Hau_098 Hong Kong Tin Hau_097 hong kong tin hau street photography street food dai pai dong

South Horizon – A street perspective

Here is a place where I grew up. South Horizons Hong Kong is near Aberdeen. A blend of the old and the new. Things honestly have not changed, children still playing at the spot I used to play, trees grew a bit taller, the elegant street view and the boats are still around.

south horizon hong kong aberdeen trip_006 shiba inu waiting hong kong south horizon hong kong aberdeen trip_007 south horizon hong kong aberdeen trip_008 hong kong south horizon photography_005 hong kong south horizon photography_004 hong kong south horizon photography_003 hong kong south horizon photography_002 hong kong south horizon photography_001 hong kong south horizon photography_000