Beautiful Fireworks displays in Edmonton under the beautiful city scape at northlands during KDays festival

Edmonton K-Days Engagement Photography Session

This is the last session i’ll post on engagement sessions at KDays in Edmonton!  This couple has got to be my favourite couple of all times. They’re sweet and very calm, which gave me lots of time to check my photos and discuss with them during the shoot. They were also super fun and took all my silly ideas to a whole new level! We played and  It was extremely easy to pose them and we had loads of time to work on new ideas and perfect an already beautiful pose! Not only that, I encouraged them to actually enjoy the process and go out to buy some food and have a good time, and they truly did! They even treated me on the Farris wheel so we could grab some pictures at the top. Everything was so easy and these amazing photos just fell right on my lap!!

I know the Calgary Globalfest is coming, and there will be loads and loads of opportunity to photograph some amazing fireworks but i may not be able to make it this time… Until next year! There shall be loads more fun in Calgary stampede and Edmonton Kdays in 2016!! It’s been so much great memories :”)

Calgary Stampede Carnival Themed Photoshoot_0000

Calgary Stampede Carnival Themed Photoshoot_0001
PEW PEW PEW The tension is totally there! Haha
Calgary Stampede Carnival Themed Photoshoot_002
All those cute (and not so cute) toys makes for an amazing background!
Calgary Stampede Carnival Themed Photoshoot_0003
We actually had so much fun buying the food. We couldn’t find any “vintage style” cotton candle with paper cones so we made our own xD
Calgary Stampede Engagement Photographer
I HAVE to do a sunflare picture on this one! This is absolutely incredible. Did I also mention I hijacked an ice-cream stand to get our photos taken?
Calgary Stampede Carnival Themed Photoshoot_0005
I was a bit skeptical on what I’d get during that time of the day on the Farris Wheels, but nothing ND filter and a little post processing can’t fix! The photo on the farris wheel ended up to be one of my favourite photo!
A couple with cotton candy mustache
I so love this one. We made a cotton candy Kabob out of the stick from the roast corn!

Calgary Stampede event photographer Calgary Stampede Carnival Themed Photographer Edmonton Kdays Engagement Photography- Calgary Stampede 008 A couple stare at each other in mischief challenges each other for a carnival game A couple sitting at a carnival game posing for a photo

fireworks displaying on top of a ferris wheel while a couple embrace one another
Edmonton Kdays Engagement Photography- Calgary Stampede

Edmonton Kdays Engagement Photography- Calgary Stampede004 Edmonton Kdays Engagement Photography- Calgary Stampede003 Edmonton Kdays Engagement Photography- Calgary Stampede002 Edmonton Kdays Engagement Photography- Calgary Stampede001 Edmonton Kdays Engagement Photography- Calgary Stampede000

A couple posed in front of a spinning merry go round carousel

Merry Go Around Carnival Themed Engagement Photoshoot

So K-Days have began and I have since made lots of plans to shoot a whole lot of things that I envisioned. The day before I worked with a girl and my assistant while planning my route for the couples scheduled to shoot this week. It was seriously a whole lot of work! The crowd and noise was definitely a major issue I had to overcome for my client. I tested this shot in the Merry-Go-Around many times on my own before going for this final product. This couple was super cute and definitely very photogenic! While we were photographing the carousel thunder clouds began to roll in right behind me. At first I thought it was only the fireworks but it turned out to be a full on thunder storm! We finished a few final shots with their friends and the rain began to pour!Calgary Stampede Carnival Themed Photoshoot_0010Calgary Stampede Carnival Themed Photoshoot_0013Calgary Stampede Carnival Themed Photoshoot_0012Calgary Stampede Carnival Themed Photoshoot_0015 Calgary Stampede Carnival Themed Photoshoot_0011Calgary Stampede Carnival Themed Photoshoot_0009 A couple posed in front of a spinning merry go round carousel

KDays-Engagement-721-077 KDays-Engagement-721-069 copy KDays-Engagement-721-066 KDays-Engagement-721-051 KDays-Engagement-721-099

high school senior graduation photographer from Edmonton and Calgary

Prom Dress Photo Session CCIS Ualberta

A photo shoot I did for this beautiful grad dress along with the designer & maker. The idea stemmed because I wanted to look for a big puffy dress or graduation dress to shoot with. Jo has been looking for a shoot and capturing how she looked before she chops a huge length of hair for a charity called Hair Massacure. Knowing Jo is a designer and has made a dress she never got to wear to her high school prom, this photo shoot was definitely inevitable!

Quite happy with how it turned out. Hopefully I’ll get to shoot with her again when her hair gets chopped off  =)

graduation dresses photo session from Edmonton and Calgary area

Edmonton Calgary graduation photos

prom dresses photo session from Edmonton and Calgary area
Don’t you just love her long dark hair? If it wasn’t for a cause, i’d do anything to stop her from chopping her hair xD
high school senior graduation photographer from Edmonton and Calgary
Absolutely love the simplicity of it! The benches at the University of Alberta are definitely something! 

edmonton high school graduation photography shoot

calgary high school graduation photography shoot

high school senior graduation photographer from Edmonton and Calgary

bridal-prom-gowns-edmonton- Photoshoot

Winter Family Portrait Session

I have anticipated this shoot with the family for a whole month!After 2 extremely cold weekend, Edmonton finally got warmer! Having taught one of the girls from a former teaching job,  we were reconnected after a friend referred them to me.

I have to say, I was a bit nervous about this whole thing because I had to put my teacher hat away for a day and order the family around for poses and instruction to get good pictures. Oddly enough, the friend who reconnected us thinks that I was perfect for the job because I know just the trick to make everyone smile and get them to look their best. Well… here are some of the highlights =D  What do you think?

Winter-Family-Portrait-Session-003Winter-Family-Portrait-Session-000 Winter-Family-Portrait-Session-001Winter-Family-Portrait-Session-004 Winter-Family-Portrait-Session-002

New milestone and YouTube Chanel for mpStudio

whoa! 200+ likes on my facebook page! To celebrate, I decided to make a speed edit video of my favorite light painting photography on Photoshop. This couple of weeks have been crazy! First a road trip down Calgary and living in a hostel, then meeting Renee Robyn from Renee Robyn Photography, and getting a chance to eat dinner beside her and talk to her for hours about photography and life!  Not only that my mpStudio Photography YouTube channel was finally born a few days ago!

There are so much I’d like to write about! But first, LET ME TAKE A SELFIE!!

Google+ Cover Photo Template


This session was taken inside a huge sewer pipe that I found on the first snow in Edmonton. At the time the snow just hit, and I was getting desperate because the pipe was getting wet, so I called Micahel up to explore this cool opportunity. After our shoot, I was ready to do this for real… but before I even called anyone up the pipe was taken away the very next day! I guess I should be glad I got to do a shoot here! It was so much fun!


photography the eye forced perspective
A portrait inside the pipe. Doesn’t it look like an eye? #ForcedPerspective

mpStudio Light painting edmonton (4) umbrella photography edmonton (2) Edmonton Photography Tunnel urban explorer mpStudio Light painting edmonton (6) skateboarding pipe edmonton (3) mpStudio Light painting pipe edmonton (8) mpStudio Light painting edmonton (7) jonathan-cheung-mpstudio Google+ Cover Photo Template


Fall Portrait Session at St-Albert Ravine

Another Fall photo shoot and this time at the beautiful ravine of St-Albert just 20 minutes outside of Edmonton. The leaves are fresh and the weather is great, got myself a very hard to handle 85mm lens from Vistek rental, and Dani and I are ready for some photo fun! St-Albert is a small town known for their huge green house store called Hole’s but very little people know  that St-Albert is fall of beautiful ravines and parks! I was lucky to know a friend who I play music with and lives in St-Albert, so she knows all the hidden gems of St-Albert.

This photo shoot was all fun, but there was a small episode… With all the growing gears comes growing responsibility and organization skills! I’ve recently struggled with what choice of weapon to bring to each photo shoot especially weekends when I have a full day of chores and errands to run. So today, I finally hit an oopsies. I dropped my keys at the back of my car and locked myself out of my own car!!!! I was super lucky to have my friend Virginia come out personally and called the toll truck company and break into my car in order to return to Edmonton in time after the photo shoot! What an embarrassing day in front of these beautiful ladies. =/

Here are the pictures in batch, I have the full sized photos at the end. Enjoy!












Nikon D5100 35mm f1.8 1/1250 ISO100

“This sleeping beauty did not want to wake up from her long sleep. The scent, the color, and temperature was just too perfect to wake up to. 















Portrait Session in University CCIS in Edmonton I mpStudio

What an amazing photo day with my two dear old friends and the amazing Sara! I met Sara through Dani who is also assisting for me in this photo shoot. Sara is a young lady just finishing up junior high, but already has a contract with a modeling management company. She’s had some shoots and agreed to do a shoot with me for learning experience. Today marks the first day of me shooting with assistants, who by the way had no training so extra points to them for being awesome!So here, we have four very eager to learn people trying to bounce some knowledge from each other and ready for a fun day!

We had a brief conversation and decided that we would like to shoot in the beautiful canola field in Edmonton again, but the force was not with us and an unexpected storm rolled in an hour before the shoot started, even after the weather man promised it won’t rain. What would a professional photographer do? Certainly not bail! So I suggested a couple of locations we could try out, hoping no one was going to bail on the shoot. I was scared to drop the “we could reschedule” bomb out but I had to, since the plan was totally off tangent today. To my surprise, everyone was as excited as I was to do this shoot, so what are we waiting for?!

While driving to the University of Alberta, our chosen location, we were deciding between the new CCIS building and the Telus building. Both locations are very modern and are both beautiful architecturally, so could you guess where we ended in? If you have been studying there, you would know! Dani was leaning towards the CCIS building since it is brand new, and she has been there quite often. I have graduated a little early so was more familiar to the Telus building. By then it’s already 7 and we weren’t sure what’s open and what’s not, but the outside of the building would be our next fallback plan!

The goal for me is clear today, I was going to try any lighting I could possibly do with two speed lights and I will be executing something unique and somewhere close to my idea of “on location high fashion” sort of deal. So… other then running everywhere, I need to nail the hair light, the location lighting, and make room for some unique editing! Well when I say “unique” I mean something totally new to me, and hopefully something fresh and tastefully good for viewers as well. So? Here are the results 🙂

light painting portrait mpstudio


We took this light painting photo at the end of the day. This one was a one take sort of deal as it was getting way too late! I can’t believe how talented she is at light painting. I didn’t even help or anything! I told her how it works and she just did it… Perfect hand writing and all… Looks like somebody’s a natural at light painting! 
ualberta portrait mpstudio

ualberta portrait photos016



University of Alberta Portrait025

University of Alberta Portrait023

University of Alberta Portrait024


university of alberta portrait

ualberta portrait photos017

ualberta portrait photos015

ualberta portrait photos010

ualberta portrait photos011

ualberta portrait photos020

ualberta portrait photos002

ualberta portrait photos003

ualberta portrait photos005

ualberta portrait photos008ualberta portrait ccis_mpstudio_042

ualberta portrait photos009

ualberta portrait photos006

ualberta portrait photos022

ualberta portrait photos018

edmonton light painting


ualberta portrait photos013

ualberta portrait photos012

Family sits on their couch with a smile

Indoor Family & Maternity Portrait Session

Many families are often unable to photograph their precious moments, especially in Edmonton. Asides finding the time to book a session from the new busy family life, , then there is location! Finding a convenient location that is family friendly is not always easy. The weather in Edmonton is cold for 10 months and summer only officially start in July! Some wants to preserve the most authentic, candid moments in their point of time with the family, so I thought an “on location” candid portrait session right at their home would be totally worth the effort!

The family have requested me to have a family photo in their home, and I was a bit reluctant at first, but everybody was happy how the photos turned out, so I am glad I took the challenge!

I have also included some maternity photo highlights from way back in February, what do you guys think?Maternity Session 2

edmonton indoor maternity photography portrait session-041


edmonton indoor family portrait photography-035 edmonton indoor family portrait photography-022
edmonton indoor family portrait photography-023 edmonton indoor family portrait photography-024 edmonton indoor family portrait photography-027
edmonton indoor family portrait photography-033 edmonton indoor family baby portrait photography-029 edmonton indoor family portrait photography-030

edmonton indoor family portrait photography-040 edmonton indoor family portrait photography-039 edmonton indoor family portrait photography-036 edmonton indoor family portrait photography-038 edmonton indoor family portrait photography-037 edmonton indoor family portrait photography-021