University Dance Club Starlight Ball

Had a chance to photograph the annual Starlight Ball presented by Edmonton’s UADC (University of Alberta Dance Club). This club is probably Edmonton’s next best secret to learn ball room dancing in. It offers an extensive range of classes and activities. Regardless of your dancing ability. The instructors are volunteer based but all trained by competitive dancers in the scene. These guys worked very hard to get this night going, and i’m definitely bringing my game up a notch when it comes to these events! 

I got to meet some super cool people and even learned a few moves myself!! This is probably one of the best activity to get into at a cold Alberta winter! The photo booth was so much fun! These people seriously know how to pose! We had so much fun playing around and even tried out some floating levitation photos haha. See if you can spot anything unusual!


Dance-Club-Event-000 Dance-Club-Event-001

mpStudio-Event-Photography-edmonton-000 Dance-Club-Event-002Dance-Club-Event-007

Photo-Booth-Event-Photography-edmonton-001 mpStudio-Event-Photography-edmonton-008 Photo-Booth-Event-Photography-edmonton-007 Photo-Booth-Event-Photography-edmonton-006 Photo-Booth-Event-Photography-edmonton-005 Photo-Booth-Event-Photography-edmonton-004 Photo-Booth-Event-Photography-edmonton-003 Photo-Booth-Event-Photography-edmonton-002

Dinner was at the Polish Hall close to downtown Edmonton. It was a yummy five course meal with awesome live music by a very talented harp player.

Dance-Club-Event-003 Dance-Club-Event-004 Dance-Club-Event-005 Dance-Club-Event-006Dance-Club-Event-009 Dance-Club-Event-010


Edmonton Wedding Photo Booth

F & C’s Wedding Photo Booth and Reception

I was asked to help out for a photo booth at F & C’s wedding, and I got to sneak in a few photos during the reception partyas well! It was truly an amazing night at F & C’s wedding!I think it was obvious how much fun was there at the wedding, it was virtually effortless to get people to smile for me in front of the camera or pose for a “let’s go crazy” and “hurray” shot, because people were simply doing that, and they were proud to be celebrating the coming together of these two amazing people!

F & C are actually both friends of mine who has moved to another city for work and school, and I knew they have hired a professional photographer to be at their wedding. F & C are both very passionate people who has a heart for people, and for God. There are loads of people who has been touched by their lives, and this wedding consisted of people who came from different parts of the world. Anyway It’s getting really late so I should get to bed… I wish you two all the best!

Another huge thank you to people behind the scene that made this wedding a blast and made my job so much smoother amidst all the sudden changes and chaotic situations that threatened my shooting space xD  [more photos/content will be updated soon…]

mpstudio-Wedding-reception-Photography-000 Edmonton-Wedding-photography-005 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-114 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-115 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-116 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-117 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-118 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-119 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-120 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-121 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-122 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-123 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-124 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-125 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-126 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-127 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-128 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-129 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-130 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-131 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-132 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-133 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-134 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-135 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-136 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-137 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-138 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-139 Edmonton-Wedding-reception-Photography-002Edmonton-Wedding-reception-Photography-004 Edmonton-Wedding-reception-Photography-006Edmonton-Wedding-reception-Photography-003



Edmonton-Wedding-photo-boothPhotography-002 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-boothPhotography-006 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-boothPhotography-015Edmonton-Wedding-photo-boothPhotography-025Edmonton-Wedding-photo-boothPhotography-029Edmonton-Wedding-photo-boothPhotography-036Edmonton-Wedding-photo-boothPhotography-034Edmonton-Wedding-photo-boothPhotography-021

The family poses for a portrait under the warm Edmonton sunset

Family Portrait Session in Edmonton Strathcona Area

I approached my old time junior high friends personally for a family portrait session on location. I was so excited when I found out that the family were just thinking of getting a family photographer in town =) Kory and Brittney were both friends I knew from junior high. We haven’t seen each other in close to 8 years! It was so awesome to get to meet their daughter who I have only seen pictures of on facebook. She is definitely cuter in person! This will mark my first on location photography session with a family! Kory was my walk home from school buddy and Brittney was my favourite in band class haha. Kory was a pretty athletic and active kind of guy, and Brittney was a quieter yet fun person to be around, so it’s no surprise that the little girl had a perfect mix of that. She wasn’t timid and the five of us had a really fun time and good conversations. All I needed to do was suggest and observe while taking pictures close by or from a distance. Edmonton Family Portrait Photography Candid-collage011

Edmonton Family Portrait Photography Candid-collage012

Edmonton Family Portrait Photography Candid-collage016

Edmonton Family Portrait Photography Candid-collage015

Edmonton Family Portrait Photography Candid-collage017

Edmonton Family Portrait Photography Candid-collage014

Edmonton Family Portrait Photography Candid-collage013
Edmonton Family Portrait Photography Candid-collage018

Edmonton Family Portrait Photography Candid-collage019 The little one became my biggest help in this shoot (after my awesome assistant Lilian of course). I had lots of ideas before the shoot began, they were dynamic, action packed and full of excitement, but when it came to the actual shoot, they were all just photography driven and became soo insignificant. Suddenly, she would break off from mom’s hand and plays with what was interesting to her, she would also make these little remarks that guided me to the next shot. Every little expression the family made changed the dynamic of my thinking and my shots. I slowly reviewed these shots last night, and realized all my favourite shots actually came from them! Yes, photographers are the creative mind, the creator of the product, but who is in the frame? The photographer can have a style, a signature move, but there are subjects out there that are powerful enough to blend with our creativity. Thanks again for the great time!  So, what are your favourite shots? For more of my favourites, check out the photos below!  edmonton family portrait on location -019edmonton family portrait -005

Family Portrait Photography B K E-018 edmonton family portrait -002edmonton family portrait children -001 edmonton photographey family portrait -009 edmonton photographer family portrait -008 edmonton family portrait sunset -012 edmonton family portrait daughter mother edmonton family portrait games edmonton family portrait -007 edmonton family portrait -011 edmonton family portrait -013

If these doesn’t spell C.U.T.E to you, I don’t know what else does.edmonton family engagement sunset -017 edmonton family portrait -003 edmonton family portrait fly -016 edmonton family portrait kids -000 edmonton family portrait cute daughter father -010 edmonton family portrait rundle park -018 edmonton family portrait park -004 edmonton family portrait photography -015 edmonton family portrait poses -014edmonton family photography hike sunset

A girl jumping with joy in a beautiful canola field during sunset.

Portrait Session in Edmonton Canola Field

So here in Edmonton, July is finally snow and cold free! There are canola fields in full bloom all over highways in Edmonton right in the city! This is the beginning of my serious journey to get into shooting portraits. I’ve spent lots of time scouting for locations to do photo sessions and try out loads of different lighting techniques and force myself to survive in harsh lighting conditions too! I’d carry my gears to work to save travel and time. Having looked forward everyday, I shot in the rain, overcast days, gloomy cloudy days. Any serious photographer would tell you how much they enjoy shooting, but I think most of us are forced to put down the camera and flex our leg muscles, the car engine, and powerful internet search engine to look for unique and beautiful locations for photo sessions.

On a side note, today is the first Edmonton #yeg post since the summer, trying really hard to catch up on my past sessions! I’m also offering free photography sessions to people in my friend pool on facebook, so hopefully I get a good response. The awesome Alison H has been extremely kind and designed a cool logo for me to use from now on! So a huge thank you to her support and selflessness! I know she is super busy with her work at a media firm, but feel free to check out her work here.


Edmonton photography portrait session canola field -004

Edmonton photography portrait session canola field -010 Edmonton photography portrait session canola field -003 Edmonton photography portrait session canola field -006 Edmonton photography portrait session canola field -005 Edmonton photography portrait session canola field -001 Edmonton photography portrait session canola field -000 Edmonton photography portrait session canola field -002 Edmonton photography portrait session canola field -008 Edmonton photography portrait session canola field -007 Edmonton photography portrait session canola field -011 Edmonton photography portrait session canola field -012 Edmonton photography portrait session canola field -009