Fashion Photography Session

Amidst all the insanity moving to Calgary, I managed to get some fun shoots in my system. I don’t remember how long I have stepped away from shooting at studios indoor! Today I got Jennie and his friend on board at a vacant real estate I got hookups for, and tried out some ideas. Jennie was super excited as usual, with loads of clothing to choose from and put me on the indecisive train. These are the results!

009-Calgary Modeling010-Calgary Modeling011-Calgary ModelingA male blowing out huge cloud of smoke called cloud chasing001-Edmonton Calgary Indoor conceptual portrait photography

002-Edmonton Calgary Fashion Portrait Photography Pretty Little Black Dress004-Edmonton Calgary Fashion Portrait Photography Pretty Little Black Dress
006-Edmonton Calgary Beautiful Location Modeling007-Edmonton Calgary Beautiful Location Modeling008-Edmonton Calgary Beautiful Location ModelingCalgary on location photo shoot Photographer005-Edmonton Calgary Fashion Portrait Photography Pretty Little Black Dress Edmonton Calgary Strobist Photographer Real Estatehello

Calgary model CoCo

Calgary Trip Fashion Photography

I’ve had the opportunity to travel down to Calgary with a buddy a while ago, and I met up with an old friend who happens to be super talented and had some modeling experiences. for more info on CoCo you can visit her page here.

This shoot was totally unplanned and uncalled for! We drove down with all the equipment I own simply because we don’t know what location and how everything will be! I almost always plan my shoots, but this time I decided to let the shoot take its course, and see what the wardrobe, model, environment, and equipment takes me!

Edmonton_YEG_Photography_studio_fun-collage000 Edmonton_YEG_Photography_studio_fun-collage0022015-01-09_0005

edmonton_photography_hair__haircutfashion_dress (6) edmonton_photography_studio_guinea_pig_portrait(4) edmonton_photography_blindfold_fashion_dress (1) edmonton_photography_blindfold_fashion_dress (2) edmonton_photography_blindfold_fashion_dress (3) edmonton_photography_blindfold_fashion_dress (5) edmonton_photography_blindfold_fashion_dress (7)

calgary fashion photography modeling
Does the whole blindfold theme remind you of 15 shades of grey?



Tanning Studio Promotion Photo Shoot

Got an assignment from a Sherwood Park based Tanning Studio to shoot a before and after spray tanning photo shoot for model! Ashley the model actually contacted me herself after seeing some of my work, and i’m totally glad to take on the challenge! Baja Bronze Custom Spray Tan is a very homie studio owned by an extremely nice lady Dani who is also a loving mother. She gave my assistant and I great hospitality during her stay at the studio during our shoot, and in such a short time we have all somehow became friends. We even got Dani’s little girl to help with a few lighting set ups haha.

Ashley is definitely amazing to work with, we had a lot of fun thinking about different ideas and she was super excited about making it happen! Aside from having great skin and being beautiful, Ashley surprises me every frame when she puts in her own style and touch of creativity into the ideas we talked about and we had such a good time! All the photos came out soooo nice!

If you would like to know more about the model Ashley or Baja Bronze Tan Studio, feel free to click on the link for their Facebook page =)







model_headshots_swimsuit_my_missing_piece model_bathing_suit_mpstudio_4265 tanning_sherwood_park_baja_bronze_4262 boudoir_photography_mpstudio_edmonton tanning_sherwood_park_baja_bronze_4305












Ashley had some pretty nice poses, so I thought i’d include all the proofs here. Thanks again to Ashley who let me release the photos for my promotional use. They’re truly some good images I can show off as a strobist photographer!


Collage-mpstudio-Tanning-advertisement007 Collage-mpstudio-Tanning-advertisement008 Collage-mpstudio-Tanning-advertisement009 Collage-mpstudio-Tanning-advertisement010 Collage-mpstudio-Tanning-advertisement011 Collage-mpstudio-Tanning-advertisement012 Collage-mpstudio-Tanning-advertisement013