Fall Portrait Session at St-Albert Ravine

Another Fall photo shoot and this time at the beautiful ravine of St-Albert just 20 minutes outside of Edmonton. The leaves are fresh and the weather is great, got myself a very hard to handle 85mm lens from Vistek rental, and Dani and I are ready for some photo fun! St-Albert is a small town known for their huge green house store called Hole’s but very little people know  that St-Albert is fall of beautiful ravines and parks! I was lucky to know a friend who I play music with and lives in St-Albert, so she knows all the hidden gems of St-Albert.

This photo shoot was all fun, but there was a small episode… With all the growing gears comes growing responsibility and organization skills! I’ve recently struggled with what choice of weapon to bring to each photo shoot especially weekends when I have a full day of chores and errands to run. So today, I finally hit an oopsies. I dropped my keys at the back of my car and locked myself out of my own car!!!! I was super lucky to have my friend Virginia come out personally and called the toll truck company and break into my car in order to return to Edmonton in time after the photo shoot! What an embarrassing day in front of these beautiful ladies. =/

Here are the pictures in batch, I have the full sized photos at the end. Enjoy!












Nikon D5100 35mm f1.8 1/1250 ISO100

“This sleeping beauty did not want to wake up from her long sleep. The scent, the color, and temperature was just too perfect to wake up to. 















Sugar Skull Makeup Photo Session

Halloween is coming! Had an on-location Sugar Skull Makeup photography session last Sunday with the talented model Clarissa as a belly dancer! Clarissa is a young lady who is striving to achieve her dream as a make up artist / hair stylist and gaining experience modelling on the side. I don’t usually work with models so when we were acquainted, I presented her with an idea of my own and a location for the shoot like I do with everyone else. Clarissa not only had her own ideas but had amazing ideas that built on top of what I had!!

Despite the sudden drop in temperature that Sunday, she stuck to it and also came to great lengths in order to come to this shoot. This shot has some pretty tricky things we have to hurdle, and so I needed yet another assistant for lights and thank goodness Clarissa had a companion with her because she also helped out with the shoot. It was a cold, but very fun day and I’m quite happy with the results.

This shoot relied heavily on flash gels to pump the color, and I’m beginning to get more familiar with color grading on photoshop so this shoot definitely benefited from it. Included are some of the original shots at the bottom. For those wondering how it was taken I have included some unedited photos! Enjoy!

If you’d like to see more of Clarissa’s work from other photographers, here is her Facebook Page. Oh and here is my Facebook Page.

So anyway, Happy Halloween! Stay safe. =)

candy_skull_makeup_model_mpstudio_web sugar_skull_make_up_face_paint_mpstudio webBelly_dancer_Photography_Halloween webphotography_belly_dancer_woods_forest_dark copyDSC_3675DSC_3673sugar_skull_belly_dancer_makeup_photographyHalloween_belly_dancer_edmonton