Family Photography Session at Park near Fox Drive

Edmonton family portrait photography session at Whitemud Park near Fox Drive and Alfred H.Savage Centre.

Fox Drive Whitemud Park Edmonton Family Photography Session-_0010 Fox Drive Whitemud Park Edmonton Family Photography Session-_0009 Fox Drive Whitemud Park Edmonton Family Photography Session-_0008 Fox Drive Whitemud Park Edmonton Family Photography Session-_0007

Family Portraits taken at the long stairs of Whitemud Park near Fox Drive in Edmonton
A baby yorkshire terrier got on the grass for the first time with his new family and is learning to walk towards them

A baby yorkshire terrier got on the grass for the first time and explores its surroundings
This Yorkie has never landed his feet on grass and is definitely confused!

Edmonton Outdoor Family Portrait Photography Session Whitemud Park-014 Family Portraits taken at the long stairs of Whitemud Park near Fox Drive in EdmontonEdmonton Outdoor Family Portrait Photography Session Whitemud Park-022


I have been experimenting with a workflow that incorporates color grading but I’m still a pretty big fan of keeping things as original as possible. If I truly like color grading, it’ll be a photo that takes at least 30 minutes to work on in photoshop… Anyway here are some originals for curiosity sake!
Fox Drive Whitemud Park Edmonton Family Photography Session-_0006 Fox Drive Whitemud Park Edmonton Family Photography Session-_0005 Fox Drive Whitemud Park Edmonton Family Photography Session-_0004 Fox Drive Whitemud Park Edmonton Family Photography Session-_0003 Fox Drive Whitemud Park Edmonton Family Photography Session-_0002 Fox Drive Whitemud Park Edmonton Family Photography Session-_0001 Fox Drive Whitemud Park Edmonton Family Photography Session-_0000

Cambodian Wedding Day in Edmonton

Cambodian Wedding Day in Edmonton

CONGRATULATIONS to Sam & Christina! This amazing Cambodian style wedding was definitely something else!! I have assisted and shot wedding, and this one is truly something!! It’s a whole lot of glamour and style packed into their two days adventure full of laughter. I wish you two love birds all the best. Congratulations again Mr. and Mrs. Chan :”)

A special shoutout to Teresa’s Custom Cakes for making this amazing cake for me to photograph on the day as well! It was a treat to work with them on that day.

While photos have been finished for quite some time already, I’m trying to get the photos to come out right on the computer screen. Enjoy the digital album brought to you by… well me! I feel that i’m getting better and better at this album design, and I have learned to take my time with my work before it comes out live on the internet.

Cambodian Wedding Edmonton Calgary Photo Album-_0000 Cambodian Wedding Edmonton Calgary Photo Album-_0001 Cambodian Wedding Edmonton Calgary Photo Album-_0002 Cambodian Wedding Edmonton Calgary Photo Album-_0003 Cambodian Wedding Edmonton Calgary Photo Album-_0004 Cambodian Wedding Edmonton Calgary Photo Album-_0005 Cambodian Wedding Edmonton Calgary Photo Album-_0006 Cambodian Wedding Edmonton Calgary Photo Album-_0007 Cambodian Wedding Edmonton Calgary Photo Album-_0008 Cambodian Wedding Edmonton Calgary Photo Album-_0009 Cambodian Wedding Edmonton Calgary Photo Album-_0010 Cambodian Wedding Edmonton Calgary Photo Album-_0011 Cambodian Wedding Edmonton Calgary Photo Album-_0012 Cambodian Wedding Edmonton Calgary Photo Album-_0013 Cambodian Wedding Edmonton Calgary Photo Album-_0014 Cambodian Wedding Edmonton Calgary Photo Album-_0015 Cambodian Wedding Edmonton Calgary Photo Album-_0016 Cambodian Wedding Edmonton Calgary Photo Album-_0017 Cambodian Wedding Edmonton Calgary Photo Album-_0018 Cambodian Wedding Edmonton Calgary Photo Album-_0019 Cambodian Wedding Edmonton Calgary Photo Album-_0020 Cambodian Wedding Edmonton Calgary Photo Album-_0021 Cambodian Wedding Edmonton Calgary Photo Album-_0022 Cambodian Wedding Edmonton Calgary Photo Album-_0023 Cambodian Wedding Edmonton Calgary Photo Album-_0024 Cambodian Wedding Edmonton Calgary Photo Album-_0025 Cambodian Wedding Edmonton Calgary Photo Album-_0026 Cambodian Wedding Edmonton Calgary Photo Album-_0027

Tin foil studio portrait session

Baja Bronze Sherwood Park Bikini Shoot

Another beautiful bikini shoot for Ashley for Baja Bronze Tanning Studio, this time with a twist! This photo shoot session has been in the making for the longest time! Not only did I build the lighting set up (as opposed to the traditional speed light or strobe lights), I have taken much attention to every detail and the background. The shoot was super fun with Ashley as usual, and everyone involved (along with the proud coworkers and owner of Baja Bronze) had a lot of fun! I even made a little behind the scenes video to capture this session.

The tin foil photography background was not a new idea at all, and has been around for a while, but I think taking this to such a large scale are something not many photographers have done! At least I hope I’m the first Edmonton Photographer or Calgary Photographer that did it! This is a Dani Diamond inspired ring light built.

selfie portrait cute instagram bikini
Where do you get background in Edmonton or Calgary like these? Well, at the kitchen hahaha
Tin foil studio portrait session
Getting ready for summer in Edmonton yet?
Swimsuit model smiling and striking a beautiful pose
Swimsuit model smiling and striking a beautiful pose
Valentines day Ring Light Portrait tutorial bikini model Edmonton Calgary Photography-_0007
Valentines day Ring Light Portrait tutorial bikini model Edmonton Calgary Photography-_0007
Edmonton swimsuit model poses for a fashion photo shoot
Edmonton swimsuit model poses for a fashion photo shoot

Ring Light Portrait tutorial bikini model Edmonton Calgary Photography-_0006

First let me take a selfie clipart
First let me take a selfie clipart
Calgary Edmonton Branding Business Photo shoot marketing
Calgary Edmonton Branding Business Photo shoot marketing
Ring Light Portrait tutorial bikini model Edmonton Calgary Photography-_0002
Ring Light Portrait tutorial bikini model Edmonton Calgary Photography-_0002
Ring Light Portrait beautiful eyes bikini model Edmonton Calgary Photography-_0000
Ring Light Portrait beautiful eyes bikini model Edmonton Calgary Photography-_0000
Ring Light Portrait tutorial bikini model Edmonton Calgary Photography-_0003
Ring Light Portrait tutorial bikini model Edmonton Calgary Photography-_0003

Friends Portrait Session

In the year of 2015, what better way to celebrate it then to hang out with your friends have your photo taken? Got a chance to work with these lovely ladies for some candid portraits on a warmer Edmonton winter weather, and it was a total blast! These girls have been friends since elementary and is a real example of BFFs! Makes me wonder if I should call up some long lost friends from childhood haha.

We started off at this beautiful park where I have found while location scouting, and we even tried out some last minute light painting in day time! While that wasn’t enough, we decided to go even further and went down to the University Telus building and ended our day with some large scale light painting?


A huge thank you for these girls for being so willing to learn light painting as well as posing for all these photos! Thanks for the opportunity! =DWhitemud-Park-Edmonton-Creek-trail-008 Whitemud-Park-Edmonton-Creek-trail-009 Whitemud-Park-Edmonton-Creek-trail-010 Whitemud-Park-Edmonton-Creek-trail-011 Whitemud-Park-Edmonton-Creek-trail-012 Whitemud-Park-Edmonton-Creek-trail-013 Whitemud-Park-Edmonton-Creek-trail-014 Whitemud-Park-Edmonton-Creek-trail-015 Whitemud_Ravine_Creek_Park_Portrait-008_ Whitemud_Ravine_Creek_Park-Portrait-007 Whitemud_Ravine_Creek_Park-Portrait-018 Whitemud_Ravine_Creek_Park-Portrait-020 Whitemud_Ravine_Creek_Park-Portrait-013 Whitemud_Ravine_Creek_Park-Portrait-034 Whitemud_Ravine_Creek_Park-Portrait-000 Whitemud_Ravine_Creek_Park-Portrait-009

photo booth party photography

UofA Mixed Chorus Banquet + Dance

A great night photographing the banquet event and hosting a photo booth for the University of Alberta Mixed Chorus group last night at the Faculty Club! These people sure knows how to party! Great DJ and music, and great photographers (including myself 😉 ) The organizers were super amazing people with amazing food! The funny paper plate award and speeches set the tone for what they were all about. It almost felt as if they were one big family full of laughters and passion.

UAlberta-Faculty Club
Faculty Club – University of Alberta

UofA-Faculty-Club-000 UofA-Faculty-Club-002

couples posing in a photo booth
Love is in the air =D

edmonton-party-DJ event-dance-party-yegmpStudio-selfie-photo-booth UofA-mixed-Chorus-clgUofA-Faculty-Club-001


mpStudio-yeg-Photo-booth-edmonton001 mpStudio-yeg-Photo-booth-edmonton010 mpStudio-yeg-Photo-booth-edmonton029 mpStudio-yeg-Photo-booth-edmonton042 mpStudio-yeg-Photo-booth-edmonton046
mpStudio-yeg-Photo-booth-edmonton060 mpStudio-yeg-Photo-booth-edmonton077 mpStudio-yeg-Photo-booth-edmonton109 mpStudio-yeg-Photo-booth-edmonton150 mpStudio-yeg-Photo-booth-edmonton154 mpStudio-yeg-Photo-booth-edmonton176


Calgary model CoCo

Calgary Trip Fashion Photography

I’ve had the opportunity to travel down to Calgary with a buddy a while ago, and I met up with an old friend who happens to be super talented and had some modeling experiences. for more info on CoCo you can visit her page here.

This shoot was totally unplanned and uncalled for! We drove down with all the equipment I own simply because we don’t know what location and how everything will be! I almost always plan my shoots, but this time I decided to let the shoot take its course, and see what the wardrobe, model, environment, and equipment takes me!

Edmonton_YEG_Photography_studio_fun-collage000 Edmonton_YEG_Photography_studio_fun-collage0022015-01-09_0005

edmonton_photography_hair__haircutfashion_dress (6) edmonton_photography_studio_guinea_pig_portrait(4) edmonton_photography_blindfold_fashion_dress (1) edmonton_photography_blindfold_fashion_dress (2) edmonton_photography_blindfold_fashion_dress (3) edmonton_photography_blindfold_fashion_dress (5) edmonton_photography_blindfold_fashion_dress (7)

calgary fashion photography modeling
Does the whole blindfold theme remind you of 15 shades of grey?



Fall Portrait Session at St-Albert Ravine

Another Fall photo shoot and this time at the beautiful ravine of St-Albert just 20 minutes outside of Edmonton. The leaves are fresh and the weather is great, got myself a very hard to handle 85mm lens from Vistek rental, and Dani and I are ready for some photo fun! St-Albert is a small town known for their huge green house store called Hole’s but very little people know  that St-Albert is fall of beautiful ravines and parks! I was lucky to know a friend who I play music with and lives in St-Albert, so she knows all the hidden gems of St-Albert.

This photo shoot was all fun, but there was a small episode… With all the growing gears comes growing responsibility and organization skills! I’ve recently struggled with what choice of weapon to bring to each photo shoot especially weekends when I have a full day of chores and errands to run. So today, I finally hit an oopsies. I dropped my keys at the back of my car and locked myself out of my own car!!!! I was super lucky to have my friend Virginia come out personally and called the toll truck company and break into my car in order to return to Edmonton in time after the photo shoot! What an embarrassing day in front of these beautiful ladies. =/

Here are the pictures in batch, I have the full sized photos at the end. Enjoy!












Nikon D5100 35mm f1.8 1/1250 ISO100

“This sleeping beauty did not want to wake up from her long sleep. The scent, the color, and temperature was just too perfect to wake up to. 















Tanning Studio Promotion Photo Shoot

Got an assignment from a Sherwood Park based Tanning Studio to shoot a before and after spray tanning photo shoot for model! Ashley the model actually contacted me herself after seeing some of my work, and i’m totally glad to take on the challenge! Baja Bronze Custom Spray Tan is a very homie studio owned by an extremely nice lady Dani who is also a loving mother. She gave my assistant and I great hospitality during her stay at the studio during our shoot, and in such a short time we have all somehow became friends. We even got Dani’s little girl to help with a few lighting set ups haha.

Ashley is definitely amazing to work with, we had a lot of fun thinking about different ideas and she was super excited about making it happen! Aside from having great skin and being beautiful, Ashley surprises me every frame when she puts in her own style and touch of creativity into the ideas we talked about and we had such a good time! All the photos came out soooo nice!

If you would like to know more about the model Ashley or Baja Bronze Tan Studio, feel free to click on the link for their Facebook page =)







model_headshots_swimsuit_my_missing_piece model_bathing_suit_mpstudio_4265 tanning_sherwood_park_baja_bronze_4262 boudoir_photography_mpstudio_edmonton tanning_sherwood_park_baja_bronze_4305












Ashley had some pretty nice poses, so I thought i’d include all the proofs here. Thanks again to Ashley who let me release the photos for my promotional use. They’re truly some good images I can show off as a strobist photographer!


Collage-mpstudio-Tanning-advertisement007 Collage-mpstudio-Tanning-advertisement008 Collage-mpstudio-Tanning-advertisement009 Collage-mpstudio-Tanning-advertisement010 Collage-mpstudio-Tanning-advertisement011 Collage-mpstudio-Tanning-advertisement012 Collage-mpstudio-Tanning-advertisement013

Sugar Skull Makeup Photo Session

Halloween is coming! Had an on-location Sugar Skull Makeup photography session last Sunday with the talented model Clarissa as a belly dancer! Clarissa is a young lady who is striving to achieve her dream as a make up artist / hair stylist and gaining experience modelling on the side. I don’t usually work with models so when we were acquainted, I presented her with an idea of my own and a location for the shoot like I do with everyone else. Clarissa not only had her own ideas but had amazing ideas that built on top of what I had!!

Despite the sudden drop in temperature that Sunday, she stuck to it and also came to great lengths in order to come to this shoot. This shot has some pretty tricky things we have to hurdle, and so I needed yet another assistant for lights and thank goodness Clarissa had a companion with her because she also helped out with the shoot. It was a cold, but very fun day and I’m quite happy with the results.

This shoot relied heavily on flash gels to pump the color, and I’m beginning to get more familiar with color grading on photoshop so this shoot definitely benefited from it. Included are some of the original shots at the bottom. For those wondering how it was taken I have included some unedited photos! Enjoy!

If you’d like to see more of Clarissa’s work from other photographers, here is her Facebook Page. Oh and here is my Facebook Page.

So anyway, Happy Halloween! Stay safe. =)

candy_skull_makeup_model_mpstudio_web sugar_skull_make_up_face_paint_mpstudio webBelly_dancer_Photography_Halloween webphotography_belly_dancer_woods_forest_dark copyDSC_3675DSC_3673sugar_skull_belly_dancer_makeup_photographyHalloween_belly_dancer_edmonton






collage blogstomp

Portrait Session & Posing

Had a great portrait photography session right in downtown Edmonton! Lindsey was my last scheduled friend this summer who was kind enough to let me try out poses and play around with lights (which by the way I have just purchased) to gain more shooting experience shooting portraits. I’m also going to tap my experience into one of the greatest portrait photographer debate: To pose or not to pose your subjects?

I have scouted this spot since the first day I began scouting for portrait locations, and it’s at a really old abandoned building right beside the police station in downtown Edmonton.  The beauty of this location lies in the texture of everything and how much space I got to shoot and to hide my lights for the shoot.



mpStudio Edmonton Photography Portrait (1) mpStudio Edmonton Photography Portrait (2) mpStudio Edmonton Photography Portrait (3)

Edmonton Portrait Location-Brick Wall-urban-001Edmonton Portrait Location-Brick Wall-urban-002
Edmonton bob-cat-photography 003

Bridesmaid Photo Fun

Went down to Sherwood Park for a photo session with these ladies. I was contacted by one of the bridesmaid and was asked to do a photo session with just the girls a week before Oli’s actual wedding. What an honor! In my opinion, I think the key to a successful relationship/marriage lies largely on the married couple’s friends and family as well. These bridesmaid are definitely just as important to this session as the bride to be! So I sort of decided to leave Oli the bride out as the centre of attention, and treat this shoot as a celebration of their friendships and relationships. These girls were all a lot of fun to work with! We ended up going on a small tiny hike somewhere I selected and used the mid-day overcast sky to our advantage and worked out some pretty awesome photos here.

Sherwood Park Edmonton-scenery-forest-nature-mpstudio-000 Sherwood Park Edmonton-scenery-bridge-forestnature-mpstudio-004Sherwood Park Edmonton-scenery-destination-mpstudio-002 Sherwood Park Edmonton-scenery-bridge-forest-nature-mpstudio-006Sherwood Park Edmonton-beautiful-summer-mpstudio-003 Sherwood Park Edmonton-scenery-bridge-forest-nature-mpstudio-001 Sherwood Park Edmonton-scenery-bridge-forest-nature-mpstudio-004 Sherwood Park Edmonton-beautiful-places-forest-nature-mpstudio-005 Sherwood Park Edmonton-scenery-bridge-forestnature-mpstudio-008 Sherwood Park Edmonton-portrait-bridgePhotography-017 Sherwood Park Edmonton-bridesmaid-Photography-026 Sherwood Park Edmonton-bridesmaid-Photography-025 Sherwood Park Edmonton-bridesmaid-Photography-021 Sherwood Park Edmonton-bridesmaid-Photography-030 Sherwood Park Edmonton-bridesmaid-Photography-023

Sherwood Park EdmontonbridesmaidPhotography-000

Edmonton Wedding Photo Booth

F & C’s Wedding Photo Booth and Reception

I was asked to help out for a photo booth at F & C’s wedding, and I got to sneak in a few photos during the reception partyas well! It was truly an amazing night at F & C’s wedding!I think it was obvious how much fun was there at the wedding, it was virtually effortless to get people to smile for me in front of the camera or pose for a “let’s go crazy” and “hurray” shot, because people were simply doing that, and they were proud to be celebrating the coming together of these two amazing people!

F & C are actually both friends of mine who has moved to another city for work and school, and I knew they have hired a professional photographer to be at their wedding. F & C are both very passionate people who has a heart for people, and for God. There are loads of people who has been touched by their lives, and this wedding consisted of people who came from different parts of the world. Anyway It’s getting really late so I should get to bed… I wish you two all the best!

Another huge thank you to people behind the scene that made this wedding a blast and made my job so much smoother amidst all the sudden changes and chaotic situations that threatened my shooting space xD  [more photos/content will be updated soon…]

mpstudio-Wedding-reception-Photography-000 Edmonton-Wedding-photography-005 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-114 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-115 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-116 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-117 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-118 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-119 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-120 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-121 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-122 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-123 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-124 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-125 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-126 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-127 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-128 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-129 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-130 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-131 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-132 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-133 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-134 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-135 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-136 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-137 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-138 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-booth-Photography-139 Edmonton-Wedding-reception-Photography-002Edmonton-Wedding-reception-Photography-004 Edmonton-Wedding-reception-Photography-006Edmonton-Wedding-reception-Photography-003



Edmonton-Wedding-photo-boothPhotography-002 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-boothPhotography-006 Edmonton-Wedding-photo-boothPhotography-015Edmonton-Wedding-photo-boothPhotography-025Edmonton-Wedding-photo-boothPhotography-029Edmonton-Wedding-photo-boothPhotography-036Edmonton-Wedding-photo-boothPhotography-034Edmonton-Wedding-photo-boothPhotography-021