Girl posing for a portrait at whyte avenue in Edmotnon beside a barn door

Mini Portrait Session

Had a brrrrrr breezy portrait session today with our beloved UAPC member Joanne! Although the fall breeze came sweeping in and surprised us, we had a warm shoot nonetheless.Joanne is a student in the University of Alberta studying in human ecology and has done a few contests on her own. She has made some pretty sweet dresses and accessories. You can see a short clip from her latest contest for Southgate Mall in Edmonton 

We tried a bit of light painting that day too, but it didn’t really go that well, so I stayed behind that night to pin the problem down all by myself! Check it out below!

edmonton whyte ave fringe

edmonton light painting test shot




So this must have taken at least 20 frames to get myself to freeze properly. I’m especially proud of it because I stayed in the cold windy night to do it all by myself till around 3am. I still find a lot of room to test new things out, so I called up a few friends from University of Alberta Photography club. Stay tune for the next post! kinsmen copy 2

Banff Tunnel Mountain

Traveling down from Edmonton to Banff in a group of 8 in hope to get away and do some hiking, fishing, and great camping experience. We booked our camp site with the Alberta camping reservation system online. At first we wanted to be close to two jack lake, but all their sites were already booked, so we went with the neighbouring camp site at Tunnel Mountain Village II. They have very well facilitated washrooms and sink area for us to wash things and take showers, which was good for some of us who were first time campers.

The Tunnel Mountain Village is extremely near Banff town and we are literally camping in the middle of all the trees and serenity of Banff. We arrived really late and thanks to all the flashlights we have, we were able to build our tents and set up while setting up a fire, as the temperature was dropping down to 5-8 degrees! The whether forecast promised us that it was going to rain throughout the weekend starting tomorrow morning. After setting up our tents around 10, we only had an hour before quiet time, and actually had rangers visit us and warned us of to put our the fire earlier… Anyway, we spent the night playing cards and staying awake, knowing that the next day may be spent in the rain.




Having had about 5 hours of sleep, I woke up and noticed that there was no rain and it doesn’t look like it’ll rain for another couple of hours! So i set on a solo trip down Tunnel Mountain for a hike while everyone was still asleep. I quickly stuffed a slice of bread down my mouth and looked at the map for the entrance to the trail. You can choose to skip a part of the trail and park at the upper parking lot. I’ll provide a map to the trail later on and where you could park.

Although it’s not raining, the fog was definitely giving me some pretty unique environment to hike in! By the time I got here (8:30am) many early birds have already began their hikes.
banff tunnel mountain trail

2014-09-06_0005 tunnel mountain trail canada hiking trails tunnel mountain top tunnel mountain view pika

Does anyone know if this is a pika or a squirrel? banff tunnel mountain trail banff mountain scenery canada rocky mountain viewrocky mountain view trip advisor banff tunnel mountain2014-09-06_0002

I took many stops and really took my time. My friends have already eaten lunch by the time I came back. Just then, a male and female deer appeared at our camp site! This makes for the second animal encounter I had haha!

A campsite in Tunnel Mountain Banff
Tunnel Mountain Village Campsites


A collage of a deer sighting in a camp site at banff






Please stay tune for my second post on my trip to Banff at Two Jake Lake and Johnston Canyon! Meanwhile, feel free to check out some highlights and larger format photos of my Tunnel Mountain Hike, I hope this will be useful for future hikers and campers alike going to Banff National Park in Canada. =)  Chao~
Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta005 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta052 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta076 Tunnel Mountain Village II-Banff Canada-Alberta113 Tunnel Mountain Village II-Banff Canada-Alberta114 Tunnel Mountain Village II-Banff Canada-Alberta118 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta003 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta007 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta023 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta034 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta055 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta056 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta074
Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta083 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta089 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta002 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta015 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta017 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta029 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta031 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta033 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta035 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta040 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta041 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta045 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta046 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta063 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta071 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta073 Tunnel Mountain -Banff Canada-Alberta079

Portrait Session around University Area in Edmonton I mpStudio

Another portrait photography day in Edmonton! So Iris and I have been friends for quite some time now, and we would have dinner talks periodically to catch up, but today I’ve decided to talk her into a photo session. *Evil laughter* Iris has always been a pretty chill person so I already knew she would agree to be in my photos. I’m practicing for an upcoming wedding gig, so finding anyone with no modeling experience would obviously be a no brainer right?  Iris got off work and was dressed in business casual attire, so I needed something with a tint of city living right?  I was so glad I chose this location as it was an area with an urban vibe. It’s just outside of the University of Alberta at Saskatchewan Dr overlooking the main building in the city like the Legislature building and the huge red Canada place. There were quite a bit of people but the sun was just setting and we totally engaged to your subject who happens to be your friend certainly did the trick! No vibe was killed In the scene and we enjoyed our session. Iris definitely rocked that location like it was her stage!

Lugging around a tripod, flashes, and gears during these past few weeks meant nothing, but the patience of sitting through tutorial videos and sleepless nights on the computer trying to find the fastest and cleanest way to edit and organize photo definitely requires a few glass of wine! Stay tune for more to come!

Edmonton photography portrait session downtown-006 Edmonton photography portrait session downtown-007 Edmonton photography portrait session downtown-008 Edmonton photography portrait session downtown-005 Edmonton photography portrait session downtown-004 Edmonton photography portrait session downtown-001 Edmonton photography portrait session downtown-002 Edmonton photography portrait session downtown-003 Edmonton photography portrait session downtown-000

A girl jumping with joy in a beautiful canola field during sunset.

Portrait Session in Edmonton Canola Field

So here in Edmonton, July is finally snow and cold free! There are canola fields in full bloom all over highways in Edmonton right in the city! This is the beginning of my serious journey to get into shooting portraits. I’ve spent lots of time scouting for locations to do photo sessions and try out loads of different lighting techniques and force myself to survive in harsh lighting conditions too! I’d carry my gears to work to save travel and time. Having looked forward everyday, I shot in the rain, overcast days, gloomy cloudy days. Any serious photographer would tell you how much they enjoy shooting, but I think most of us are forced to put down the camera and flex our leg muscles, the car engine, and powerful internet search engine to look for unique and beautiful locations for photo sessions.

On a side note, today is the first Edmonton #yeg post since the summer, trying really hard to catch up on my past sessions! I’m also offering free photography sessions to people in my friend pool on facebook, so hopefully I get a good response. The awesome Alison H has been extremely kind and designed a cool logo for me to use from now on! So a huge thank you to her support and selflessness! I know she is super busy with her work at a media firm, but feel free to check out her work here.


Edmonton photography portrait session canola field -004

Edmonton photography portrait session canola field -010 Edmonton photography portrait session canola field -003 Edmonton photography portrait session canola field -006 Edmonton photography portrait session canola field -005 Edmonton photography portrait session canola field -001 Edmonton photography portrait session canola field -000 Edmonton photography portrait session canola field -002 Edmonton photography portrait session canola field -008 Edmonton photography portrait session canola field -007 Edmonton photography portrait session canola field -011 Edmonton photography portrait session canola field -012 Edmonton photography portrait session canola field -009

A visit to visual paradise Bird Garden, Hong Kong

Yuen Po Street Bird Garden is right beside flower market road off of Prince Edward MTR train station.People come to visit this beautiful Chinese garden filled with exotic birds like parrots and cocktail birds. There are also freeing of birds from cages in some shops for tourists and locals not planning to shop for a pet or buying bird care products. Neat Chinese traditional bamboo bird cages, bird toys, and all kinds of exotic birds are displayed inside or outside of their cages.

When I arrived here, it was already closing time. There are many bird enthusiasts who may come to gather and spend time at this beautiful setting inside this concrete jungle. The outside of this area is filled with busy cars and crowded streets like any other main roads in Hong Kong. But as soon as you step in, it almost feel a bit like a strange paradise filled with pets and free spirited seniors who treated this place as their favourite hide out.

I often wonder how birds feel like, to be born with their wings clipped and their feet chained. In this city, the only thing I can hope for is for these birds to find a good owner or shop owners who will cherish them and  take good care of them in their lifetime. I once met a family friend who owned 4 parrots at home and they were the happiest birds you would meet. They frequently dance around and flap their wings, and even learned to do some talking when they feel like entertaining their human friends.

MTR Prince Edward Station Exit B1. Walk along Prince Edward Road west towards the Mongkok Stadium for about 15 minutes.


yuen po street bird garden-c004 yuen po street bird garden-c002 yuen po street bird garden-c001 yuen po street bird garden-c003 yuen po street bird garden-c000 yuen po street bird garden000 yuen po street bird garden001 yuen po street bird garden002 yuen po street bird garden003 yuen po street bird garden004 yuen po street bird garden005 yuen po street bird garden010 yuen po street bird garden007 yuen po street bird garden011 yuen po street bird garden009 yuen po street bird garden008 yuen po street bird garden012 yuen po street bird garden013 yuen po street bird garden016 yuen po street bird garden015 yuen po street bird garden014

I think out of all places, this is definitely one of my favourite places I’ve shot in the streets of Hong Kong. All the colors and displays makes for an amazing, fresh composition. Wish I could spend more time here! Until next time I guess!

Flower Market Road, Hong Kong | mpStudio Street Photography

Missing Piece Studio takes you down the must go destination when looking for a tourist friendly market where selling and shopping for flowers are the only focus. Right out of Prince Edward Station MTR train station, house plants and anything gardening related is for sale all year round!


For more on how to get here see this link:

flower market roadprince edward MTR-009 flower market roadprince edward MTR-010 flower market roadprince edward MTR-008 flower market roadprince edward MTR-166 flower market roadprince edward MTR-161 flower market roadprince edward MTR-167 flower market roadprince edward MTR-163 flower market roadprince edward MTR-159 flower market roadprince edward MTR-152 flower market roadprince edward MTR-151 flower market roadprince edward MTR-150 flower market roadprince edward MTR-153 flower market roadprince edward MTR-154 flower market roadprince edward MTR-155 flower market roadprince edward MTR-156 flower market roadprince edward MTR-157 flower market roadprince edward MTR-158 flower market roadprince edward MTR-160 flower market roadprince edward MTR-162 flower market roadprince edward MTR-164 flower market roadprince edward MTR-165 flower market roadprince edward MTR-168 flower market roadprince edward MTR-011

Traveling to Mongkok, Hong Kong

Alright, back to photos from the trip! This is the place everyone would go more then once while staying in Hong Kong. The street vendor filled lui yun street, the awesome malls, the trendiest clothes, food, and camera stores! To summarize Mongkok in a nutshell, is almost as hard as describing Hong Kong to someone. To me, Mongkok is the definition of street, trend, and crowded ghetto of Hong Kong. What’s your definition of it?


Mongkok Street Photography collage Hong Kong Sham Shui po Dragon Centremotorcycle parkade_130 Hong Kong Sham Shui po Dragon Centremotorcycle parkade_129 HONG KONG MK MONGKOK _vendor shelter green HONG KONG MK MONGKOK _green shelter HONG KONG MK MONGKOK _114 HONG KONG MK MONGKOK _118 HONG KONG MK MONGKOK _121 HONG KONG MK MONGKOK _120 HONG KONG MK MONGKOK _119 HONG KONG MK MONGKOK _111 HONG KONG MK MONGKOK _109 HONG KONG MK MONGKOK _110 HONG KONG MK MONGKOK  chinese insturment

Tin Hau Hong Kong

A friend of mine told me to try out a “dai pai dong” open-air food stall located in tin hau. I have always walked by that place but never really went inside. What you see is lots of garage and auto shops, with an exception of a few grocery stores and a lot of neat little restaurants. The street is definitely not crowded like that of Mongkok or Causeway Bay. That alone was an open invitation for me to slow down my walk to enjoy the authentic streets of Hong Kong. The birds who seek refuge in roofs and strange places between building, the walls, and a taste of the famous street food.

Dai pai dong is a type of open-air food stall once very popular in Hong Kong. The government registration name in Hong Kong is “cooked-food stalls”, but dai pai dong literally means “restaurant with a big license plate”, referring to its size of license which is bigger than other licensed street vendors.


A place that many has gain a name in Hong Kong is the shun hing dai pai dong, located in tin hau. I had a taste of their signature egg and bbq pork rice and cart noodle(guess what toppings I had?) Don’t scroll down for the answers yet!  滑蛋叉燒飯 & 車仔撈麵. Thank you again for bringing me here!—%E5%A4%A7%E6%8E%92%E6%AA%94

Hong kong tin hau collage Hong Kong Tin Hau_108 Hong Kong Tin Hau_107 Hong Kong Tin Hau_106 Hong Kong Tin Hau_105 Hong Kong Tin Hau_104 Hong Kong Tin Hau_103 Hong Kong Tin Hau_102 Hong Kong Tin Hau_101 Hong Kong Tin Hau_100 Hong Kong Tin Hau_099 Hong Kong Tin Hau_098 Hong Kong Tin Hau_097 hong kong tin hau street photography street food dai pai dong

South Horizon – A street perspective

Here is a place where I grew up. South Horizons Hong Kong is near Aberdeen. A blend of the old and the new. Things honestly have not changed, children still playing at the spot I used to play, trees grew a bit taller, the elegant street view and the boats are still around.

south horizon hong kong aberdeen trip_006 shiba inu waiting hong kong south horizon hong kong aberdeen trip_007 south horizon hong kong aberdeen trip_008 hong kong south horizon photography_005 hong kong south horizon photography_004 hong kong south horizon photography_003 hong kong south horizon photography_002 hong kong south horizon photography_001 hong kong south horizon photography_000


Hong Kong – Next Station is Cetral Sheung Wan

Hollywood Road is a street in Central and Sheung Wan, on Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong. The street runs between Central and Sheung Wan, with Wyndham Street, Arbuthnot Road, Ladder Street, Upper Lascar Row, and Old Bailey Street in the vicinity.

Full  flickr Album




Hong Kong Central Photography sheung Wan--009
Hong Kong Central Photography sheung Wan–009
Jonathan Cheung mpStudio Strobist self portrait
Jonathan Cheung mpStudio Strobist self portrait
Edmonton Conceptual photographer
Edmonton Conceptual photographer
Edmonton Calgary photographer ceonceptual
Edmonton Calgary photographer ceonceptual

Hong Kong Central Photography sheung Wan--door Hong Kong Central Photography sheung Wan--alley

Hong Kong Central Photography sheung Wan-cafe-002
Hong Kong Central Photography sheung Wan-cafe-002

Hong Kong Central Photography sheung Wan-cafe-001

Hong Kong Central Photography sheung Wan-cafe-000
Hong Kong Central Photography sheung Wan-cafe-000
Hong Kong Central Photography sheung Wan--wall graffiti dirty gritty
Hong Kong Central Photography sheung Wan–wall graffiti dirty gritty
Hong Kong Central Photography sheung Wan-mailbox-mail
Hong Kong Central Photography sheung Wan-mailbox-mail

Hong Kong Central Photography sheung Wan--020 Hong Kong Central Photography sheung Wan--019 Hong Kong Central Photography sheung Wan--018 Hong Kong Central Photography sheung Wan--017 Hong Kong Central Photography sheung Wan--016 Hong Kong Central Photography sheung Wan--015 Hong Kong Central Photography sheung Wan--014 Hong Kong Central Photography sheung Wan--013

Hong Kong Central Photography sheung Wan--012
Hong Kong Central Photography sheung Wan–012
Hong Kong Central Photography sheung Wan--011
Hong Kong Central Photography sheung Wan–011
photography texture on ground
photography texture on ground



Cave and Basin National Historic Site

Found a little friend in the bush at #CaveAndBasin #Historic site. Actually I didn’t, some guy ran up to me and told me to take a picture of him lol — at Cave and Basin National Historic Site.


Panorama_Cave and Basin National Historic Site

Two Jack Lake Banff Canada Trees

Portrait of me wahahah

Check out what’s near Banff! See my next page at my trip to Kootenay.

Kooteney Squirrel 2

Hike Continental Divide Banff National Park of Alberta and Kooteney National Park of British Columbia

Kooteney BC
Kooteney Banff Trail National Park_070

Kooteney Banff Trail National Park_panorama trail

Kooteney Banff Trail National Park_071

Kooteney Banff Trail National Park_

Kooteney Banff Trail National Park_sunshine

Kooteney Banff Trail National Park_hdr Panorama1_FB


Kooteney Banff Trail National Park_069

Kooteney Banff Trail National Park_068

Kooteney Banff Trail National Park_067

Kooteney Banff Trail National Park_066

Kooteney Banff Trail National Park_065

Kooteney Banff Trail National Park_059

Kooteney Banff Trail National Park_058

Kooteney Banff Trail National Park_060

Kooteney Banff Trail National Park_061

Kooteney Banff Trail National Park_063

Kooteney Banff Trail National Park_062

Kooteney Banff Trail National Park_064

Kooteney Banff Trail National Park_flower burn

Kooteney Banff Trail National Park_hdr
The sign reads “Continental Divide Altitude 5382ET Above Sea Level”  Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean, Banff National Park of Alberta and Kooteney National Park of British Columbia

Bird Kooteney Anyone know what kind of bird this is?

Civic Highway Road Camping Journey road back home For more of my journey, you can see my flickr page.