Northern lights aurora borealis) taken on a cold winter night at Elk Island in National Park

Edmonton Northern Lights – Elk Island National Park

Northern lights (aurora borealis) taken on a cold winter night at Elk Island National Park. I haven’t even finish editing all the photos and another G1 storm shows up!! Below is a nice little tool to predict Aurora activity brought to you by

Auroral forecast from

Edmonton Photographer Shooting under the Northern Lights
Edmonton Photographer Shooting under the Northern Lights


Edmonton Photographer Shooting under the Northern Lights with a car Honda Civic
Northern lights aurora borealis) taken on a cold winter night at Elk Island in National Park
Northern lights (aurora borealis) taken on a cold winter night at Elk Island National Park
Edmonton Photographer Shooting under the Northern Lights
Edmonton Photographer Shooting under the Northern Lights




The Earth has been getting so many solar storms lately! For more photos of Aurora borealis, stay tune for future posts! Still editing them =)
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New milestone and YouTube Chanel for mpStudio

whoa! 200+ likes on my facebook page! To celebrate, I decided to make a speed edit video of my favorite light painting photography on Photoshop. This couple of weeks have been crazy! First a road trip down Calgary and living in a hostel, then meeting Renee Robyn from Renee Robyn Photography, and getting a chance to eat dinner beside her and talk to her for hours about photography and life!  Not only that my mpStudio Photography YouTube channel was finally born a few days ago!

There are so much I’d like to write about! But first, LET ME TAKE A SELFIE!!

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This session was taken inside a huge sewer pipe that I found on the first snow in Edmonton. At the time the snow just hit, and I was getting desperate because the pipe was getting wet, so I called Micahel up to explore this cool opportunity. After our shoot, I was ready to do this for real… but before I even called anyone up the pipe was taken away the very next day! I guess I should be glad I got to do a shoot here! It was so much fun!


photography the eye forced perspective
A portrait inside the pipe. Doesn’t it look like an eye? #ForcedPerspective

mpStudio Light painting edmonton (4) umbrella photography edmonton (2) Edmonton Photography Tunnel urban explorer mpStudio Light painting edmonton (6) skateboarding pipe edmonton (3) mpStudio Light painting pipe edmonton (8) mpStudio Light painting edmonton (7) jonathan-cheung-mpstudio Google+ Cover Photo Template


Light Painting Photography in Edmonton

A light painting photography day (night to be exact) like no others! If you’ve followed the last post I messaged the good people down at University of Alberta Photography Club for a shoot focusing on light painting photography, and managed to grab whole bunch of people along with a few of my friends to this shoot! The whether was definitely not as cold as the last day, and it was around 10pm when we started, and we played around and chatted till really late before we really got down to business. It was really cool because I met a guy who’re super into light sabers and he did some seriously impressive moves with it!

Technical Aspect

All the shots here were shot by me using the Nikon CLS system with two SB-700 speedlight and my Nikon D7000. The optical slave is extremely reliable and I cannot believe how far I could reach without using any speed triggers and wireless remotes! Normally, late night portraits shoot like these is simply a challenge of balancing available light and lighting up the subjects. Now we really have to think outside of the box, and with that many people showing up, lighting up a group and painting has to be extra careful!


Fixing the ghosting in long exposure was the number one difficulty I could not hurdle every time I shoot. I find that finding a dark environment and having a faster shutter speed would solve this issue.

I’ll hope to compile a tutorial in the future on this. Meanwhile, enjoy the photos!


edmonton-light-painting-park001 kinsmen copy 2 light_painting_photography_weapons 2014-10-25_0014 2014-10-25_0016 2014-10-25_0019 2014-10-25_0013 2014-10-25_0017 DSC_2694

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Portrait Session & Posing

Had a great portrait photography session right in downtown Edmonton! Lindsey was my last scheduled friend this summer who was kind enough to let me try out poses and play around with lights (which by the way I have just purchased) to gain more shooting experience shooting portraits. I’m also going to tap my experience into one of the greatest portrait photographer debate: To pose or not to pose your subjects?

I have scouted this spot since the first day I began scouting for portrait locations, and it’s at a really old abandoned building right beside the police station in downtown Edmonton.  The beauty of this location lies in the texture of everything and how much space I got to shoot and to hide my lights for the shoot.



mpStudio Edmonton Photography Portrait (1) mpStudio Edmonton Photography Portrait (2) mpStudio Edmonton Photography Portrait (3)

Edmonton Portrait Location-Brick Wall-urban-001Edmonton Portrait Location-Brick Wall-urban-002
Edmonton bob-cat-photography 003

Bridesmaid Photo Fun

Went down to Sherwood Park for a photo session with these ladies. I was contacted by one of the bridesmaid and was asked to do a photo session with just the girls a week before Oli’s actual wedding. What an honor! In my opinion, I think the key to a successful relationship/marriage lies largely on the married couple’s friends and family as well. These bridesmaid are definitely just as important to this session as the bride to be! So I sort of decided to leave Oli the bride out as the centre of attention, and treat this shoot as a celebration of their friendships and relationships. These girls were all a lot of fun to work with! We ended up going on a small tiny hike somewhere I selected and used the mid-day overcast sky to our advantage and worked out some pretty awesome photos here.

Sherwood Park Edmonton-scenery-forest-nature-mpstudio-000 Sherwood Park Edmonton-scenery-bridge-forestnature-mpstudio-004Sherwood Park Edmonton-scenery-destination-mpstudio-002 Sherwood Park Edmonton-scenery-bridge-forest-nature-mpstudio-006Sherwood Park Edmonton-beautiful-summer-mpstudio-003 Sherwood Park Edmonton-scenery-bridge-forest-nature-mpstudio-001 Sherwood Park Edmonton-scenery-bridge-forest-nature-mpstudio-004 Sherwood Park Edmonton-beautiful-places-forest-nature-mpstudio-005 Sherwood Park Edmonton-scenery-bridge-forestnature-mpstudio-008 Sherwood Park Edmonton-portrait-bridgePhotography-017 Sherwood Park Edmonton-bridesmaid-Photography-026 Sherwood Park Edmonton-bridesmaid-Photography-025 Sherwood Park Edmonton-bridesmaid-Photography-021 Sherwood Park Edmonton-bridesmaid-Photography-030 Sherwood Park Edmonton-bridesmaid-Photography-023

Sherwood Park EdmontonbridesmaidPhotography-000

Portrait Session in University CCIS in Edmonton I mpStudio

What an amazing photo day with my two dear old friends and the amazing Sara! I met Sara through Dani who is also assisting for me in this photo shoot. Sara is a young lady just finishing up junior high, but already has a contract with a modeling management company. She’s had some shoots and agreed to do a shoot with me for learning experience. Today marks the first day of me shooting with assistants, who by the way had no training so extra points to them for being awesome!So here, we have four very eager to learn people trying to bounce some knowledge from each other and ready for a fun day!

We had a brief conversation and decided that we would like to shoot in the beautiful canola field in Edmonton again, but the force was not with us and an unexpected storm rolled in an hour before the shoot started, even after the weather man promised it won’t rain. What would a professional photographer do? Certainly not bail! So I suggested a couple of locations we could try out, hoping no one was going to bail on the shoot. I was scared to drop the “we could reschedule” bomb out but I had to, since the plan was totally off tangent today. To my surprise, everyone was as excited as I was to do this shoot, so what are we waiting for?!

While driving to the University of Alberta, our chosen location, we were deciding between the new CCIS building and the Telus building. Both locations are very modern and are both beautiful architecturally, so could you guess where we ended in? If you have been studying there, you would know! Dani was leaning towards the CCIS building since it is brand new, and she has been there quite often. I have graduated a little early so was more familiar to the Telus building. By then it’s already 7 and we weren’t sure what’s open and what’s not, but the outside of the building would be our next fallback plan!

The goal for me is clear today, I was going to try any lighting I could possibly do with two speed lights and I will be executing something unique and somewhere close to my idea of “on location high fashion” sort of deal. So… other then running everywhere, I need to nail the hair light, the location lighting, and make room for some unique editing! Well when I say “unique” I mean something totally new to me, and hopefully something fresh and tastefully good for viewers as well. So? Here are the results 🙂

light painting portrait mpstudio


We took this light painting photo at the end of the day. This one was a one take sort of deal as it was getting way too late! I can’t believe how talented she is at light painting. I didn’t even help or anything! I told her how it works and she just did it… Perfect hand writing and all… Looks like somebody’s a natural at light painting! 
ualberta portrait mpstudio

ualberta portrait photos016



University of Alberta Portrait025

University of Alberta Portrait023

University of Alberta Portrait024


university of alberta portrait

ualberta portrait photos017

ualberta portrait photos015

ualberta portrait photos010

ualberta portrait photos011

ualberta portrait photos020

ualberta portrait photos002

ualberta portrait photos003

ualberta portrait photos005

ualberta portrait photos008ualberta portrait ccis_mpstudio_042

ualberta portrait photos009

ualberta portrait photos006

ualberta portrait photos022

ualberta portrait photos018

edmonton light painting


ualberta portrait photos013

ualberta portrait photos012

Portrait Session around University Area in Edmonton I mpStudio

Another portrait photography day in Edmonton! So Iris and I have been friends for quite some time now, and we would have dinner talks periodically to catch up, but today I’ve decided to talk her into a photo session. *Evil laughter* Iris has always been a pretty chill person so I already knew she would agree to be in my photos. I’m practicing for an upcoming wedding gig, so finding anyone with no modeling experience would obviously be a no brainer right?  Iris got off work and was dressed in business casual attire, so I needed something with a tint of city living right?  I was so glad I chose this location as it was an area with an urban vibe. It’s just outside of the University of Alberta at Saskatchewan Dr overlooking the main building in the city like the Legislature building and the huge red Canada place. There were quite a bit of people but the sun was just setting and we totally engaged to your subject who happens to be your friend certainly did the trick! No vibe was killed In the scene and we enjoyed our session. Iris definitely rocked that location like it was her stage!

Lugging around a tripod, flashes, and gears during these past few weeks meant nothing, but the patience of sitting through tutorial videos and sleepless nights on the computer trying to find the fastest and cleanest way to edit and organize photo definitely requires a few glass of wine! Stay tune for more to come!

Edmonton photography portrait session downtown-006 Edmonton photography portrait session downtown-007 Edmonton photography portrait session downtown-008 Edmonton photography portrait session downtown-005 Edmonton photography portrait session downtown-004 Edmonton photography portrait session downtown-001 Edmonton photography portrait session downtown-002 Edmonton photography portrait session downtown-003 Edmonton photography portrait session downtown-000

A girl jumping with joy in a beautiful canola field during sunset.

Portrait Session in Edmonton Canola Field

So here in Edmonton, July is finally snow and cold free! There are canola fields in full bloom all over highways in Edmonton right in the city! This is the beginning of my serious journey to get into shooting portraits. I’ve spent lots of time scouting for locations to do photo sessions and try out loads of different lighting techniques and force myself to survive in harsh lighting conditions too! I’d carry my gears to work to save travel and time. Having looked forward everyday, I shot in the rain, overcast days, gloomy cloudy days. Any serious photographer would tell you how much they enjoy shooting, but I think most of us are forced to put down the camera and flex our leg muscles, the car engine, and powerful internet search engine to look for unique and beautiful locations for photo sessions.

On a side note, today is the first Edmonton #yeg post since the summer, trying really hard to catch up on my past sessions! I’m also offering free photography sessions to people in my friend pool on facebook, so hopefully I get a good response. The awesome Alison H has been extremely kind and designed a cool logo for me to use from now on! So a huge thank you to her support and selflessness! I know she is super busy with her work at a media firm, but feel free to check out her work here.


Edmonton photography portrait session canola field -004

Edmonton photography portrait session canola field -010 Edmonton photography portrait session canola field -003 Edmonton photography portrait session canola field -006 Edmonton photography portrait session canola field -005 Edmonton photography portrait session canola field -001 Edmonton photography portrait session canola field -000 Edmonton photography portrait session canola field -002 Edmonton photography portrait session canola field -008 Edmonton photography portrait session canola field -007 Edmonton photography portrait session canola field -011 Edmonton photography portrait session canola field -012 Edmonton photography portrait session canola field -009