Winter Family Portrait Session

I have anticipated this shoot with the family for a whole month!After 2 extremely cold weekend, Edmonton finally got warmer! Having taught one of the girls from a former teaching job,  we were reconnected after a friend referred them to me.

I have to say, I was a bit nervous about this whole thing because I had to put my teacher hat away for a day and order the family around for poses and instruction to get good pictures. Oddly enough, the friend who reconnected us thinks that I was perfect for the job because I know just the trick to make everyone smile and get them to look their best. Well… here are some of the highlights =D  What do you think?

Winter-Family-Portrait-Session-003Winter-Family-Portrait-Session-000 Winter-Family-Portrait-Session-001Winter-Family-Portrait-Session-004 Winter-Family-Portrait-Session-002

Car speeding down Edmonton Jasper

Edmonton Rolling Car Shots

Had SUCH a blast taking rolling car shots that I’m still looking at the photos at 3:45am… This is the first time I did it and I honestly don’t know anything about automotive photography, so I probably did a lot of things wrong but here it is! There are so much more but I really need to stop and finish this later!

Car speeding down Edmonton Jasper
This Mazda 3 is rolling down the Edmonton street! Zoom Zoom!

Edmonton High Level Bridge Photography car