A visit to visual paradise Bird Garden, Hong Kong

Yuen Po Street Bird Garden is right beside flower market road off of Prince Edward MTR train station.People come to visit this beautiful Chinese garden filled with exotic birds like parrots and cocktail birds. There are also freeing of birds from cages in some shops for tourists and locals not planning to shop for a pet or buying bird care products. Neat Chinese traditional bamboo bird cages, bird toys, and all kinds of exotic birds are displayed inside or outside of their cages.

When I arrived here, it was already closing time. There are many bird enthusiasts who may come to gather and spend time at this beautiful setting inside this concrete jungle. The outside of this area is filled with busy cars and crowded streets like any other main roads in Hong Kong. But as soon as you step in, it almost feel a bit like a strange paradise filled with pets and free spirited seniors who treated this place as their favourite hide out.

I often wonder how birds feel like, to be born with their wings clipped and their feet chained. In this city, the only thing I can hope for is for these birds to find a good owner or shop owners who will cherish them and  take good care of them in their lifetime. I once met a family friend who owned 4 parrots at home and they were the happiest birds you would meet. They frequently dance around and flap their wings, and even learned to do some talking when they feel like entertaining their human friends.


MTR Prince Edward Station Exit B1. Walk along Prince Edward Road west towards the Mongkok Stadium for about 15 minutes.

Source: http://www.discoverhongkong.com/eng/shop/where-to-shop/street-markets-and-shopping-streets/bird-garden.jsp#ixzz39ANo7EWA

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I think out of all places, this is definitely one of my favourite places I’ve shot in the streets of Hong Kong. All the colors and displays makes for an amazing, fresh composition. Wish I could spend more time here! Until next time I guess!

Hong Kong Railway Museum

It must be tiring enough to travel up the hill that got them here the first place, but look at the joy he has when he looks at his child. The father was hauling two huge bags and still completely engaged with his child. He shows him to all the trains and lets go of his hand periodically, and the child would waddle across the railway towards the father. 

It is so difficult for many parents to watch their children from the sideline, unable to take full control of his child’s fate. It’s a learning experience for both the child and the parent, and it’s often the most rewarding one.

My cousin kindly stopped by the Hong Kong Railway Museum so I could snap a few pictures. What I got was something way more special then I expected! Tai Wo station it is barely a 10 minute walk to the museum. The Hong Kong Railway Museum is easily accessible by foot.. About 10 minutes walk from Tai Wo station around Tai Po. It is a tiny museum that doesn’t require admission fee (Yes it’s free!) and showcases some of the KCR trains in Hong Kong from the past. There are also many exhibits and display cases. There are also guided tours I think.  

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